Hands on Training:
The Paint Bull Training center is a one of a kind facility dedicated to teaching the processes and techniques developed over our 25+ years.  You’ll work with one of our dedicated instructors whose primary responsibility is to teach you the skills needed for success.  Our training program is completely hands on and follows the step by step procedures developed to insure quality results.

Your training continues beyond our in-house center by riding with one of our mobile operators working in the field.  This provides you with not only real world experience, but also the day to day activities of a Paint Bull Affiliate.

Business Support:
Operating a successful business is more than just being the best at your craft. Without the proper business structure, insurance and accounting processes a business can run into problems without even knowing it. Paint Bull provides one on one coaching and software to ensure you have these areas covered.  From accounting procedures to incorporation we provide it all.

The starting point for marketing any new business today is a web site. It’s not only a way to connect with potential customers-it helps legitimatize your business. Paint Bull provides a customized web site, social media and digital business listing for a complete on-line presence.  We also include marketing materials such as: business cards, brochures, pens, even shirts and hats all branded with the Paint Bull Logo and your company information for a professional image.

Dedicated On-Going Support:
Your relationship with Paint Bull never really ends; we’re always here to provide on-going support. Whether you have questions about a paint formula, accounting processes or would simply like to discuss a new idea-we’re always just a phone call away.