Interior Repair Business

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                   Interior Repair Business Package

Paint Bull Affiliates offering Interior Repair services find themselves repairing burns, rips and stains to retail quality standards while making a great income.  This unsightly damage can greatly diminish the value of an otherwise spotless vehicle. By utilizing the skills you learn with Paint Bull you will become a very valuable asset to local car dealerships looking to obtain top dollar for their vehicles.

Vinyl, cloth, leather, carpeting, dashboards, side panels and steering wheels are all susceptible to stains, rips, burns and tears.  With the Paint Bull Interior Repair Equipment and Training you can repair them all! You’ll even be able to remove foul odors.

Beyond working with car dealerships and the general public, the interior repair processes you learn work equally well on furniture.  Restaurants, hotels and businesses of all types can use your services to keep their seating areas looking new.

Don’t forget about boats, RV’s, snowmobiles and all kinds of recreational vehicles.  They’re all great potential customers who are willing to spend money to keep their “toys” in pristine condition.

Most interior damage can be repaired for less than $1 in materials, taking less than 30 minutes to complete with minimum charges of around $50. These numbers can make an Interior Repair Business very profitable.

Training takes place over 5 days with an emphasis on performing quality repairs to last a lifetime.  We not only focus on the cosmetic portion of a repair, but also on its structural integrity.  They have to look good today, tomorrow and beyond.


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