Paint Bull helping gain financial freedom


When is a Franchise better than a Franchise?  When it’s not a Franchise!

Paint Bull works with our Affiliates just like a Franchise works with its Franchisees.  We provide all the training, equipment, technical, business and marketing support-truly a turnkey business.  You’ll learn the skills and be equipped to take your part of the $60 billion automotive restoration industry.

We don’t tack on any extra fees or royalties.  Why?  it just goes against our philosophy, “You did all the work, so you should get all the reward!”

In 2015 our average corporate managed affiliate generated over $110,000 in revenue performing the same repair services you’ll be offering.  Whether you are looking to excel and make more income than you could imagine, or take on a second job to fulfill a lifetime hobby, we can provide all the training, tools and support you’ll need for success.

Click here to see examples of the type of work Paint Bull Affiliates perform everyday!

Once you’ve joined Paint Bull you’ll be added as a member to our exclusive Facebook Group, “The Paint Bull Insider.” The “Insider” allows affiliates to connect with other Paint Bull affiliates and staff members to share ideas, ask questions and provide important information (such as changes to paint). It’s a great place for business advice, technical support, marketing tips and even sharing some of your proudest work. You’ll find it a community of common interest helping everyone be successful.

Freedom and Control:
If you asked any current Paint Bull Affiliate what they like most about their businesses you’ll probably hear a similar answer:
“I enjoy the freedom and control.”

When you become a Paint Bull Affiliate, you become your own boss.
No more deadlines, boring meetings or overtime, you run your business when YOU want. You enjoy the freedom and lifestyle that can only come with business ownership and the control of never having to be dependent upon someone else. For once, all the money made for your company goes to you and not a CEO.

Have you decided if Paint Bull is right for you?