Three Paint Bull Repair Examples


If your business offered a more convenient service, with quality results at a lower price than
your competitor…Do you think you’d be successful?

We do, and that’s what we call, “The Paint Bull Edge.”
“Quality, Convenient, Affordable Repairs!”

Minor vehicle damage is inevitable and its EVERYWHERE. Walk up and down any parking lot and you’ll see scuffed bumpers, door dings, scratches, stone chips, all kinds of damage on virtually every vehicle.

Paint Bull Affiliates operate on a mobile basis making the entire Paint Bull
experience extremely convenient for the typical on-the-go customer.  No one wants to be without their vehicle for days whiles it’s being repaired!

Just because you provide convenient on site repairs doesn’t mean you won’t provide the same quality repairs as a standard body shop, but it does mean you can do so for half the price.  By operating mobile, your overhead is dramatically less than a traditional body shop allowing you to pass the savings on to your customers.   This is the competitive edge your business needs to keep your customers coming back again and again, all while making the income you deserve!

With the average cost of a new vehicle today over $33,000 it’s not surprising people are keeping their vehicles longer, in fact the average age of a vehicle roaming the roads today is over 11-years! This just adds to the many reasons why Paint Bull is a solid investment and an incredible career move, it’s nearly impossible to run out of business.

Technician standing next to Paint Bull Van