4 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Boss

Do you wake up on Monday morning excited about going to work? If the answer is no, then it’s time to consider a career change. Every day is a chance for us to grab hold of our dreams and live a life we enjoy and that includes work.

Fear of Failure

The number one reason people stay in jobs they don’t like is fear. That especially holds true if you are going into business for yourself.

But what if there was a business opportunity out there that not only interested you but was affordable, scalable and proven? An opportunity that took away some of the risks while allowing you to truly be the master of your destiny.

Still need a little insight? Listed below are 4 Reasons why you should be your own boss.

1. Making YOUR Dreams Come True

At the top of the list of reasons is, you get to make your dreams come true instead of investing in another person’s interests and dreams.

Don’t get me wrong it is wonderful to be a part of an organization where you are fulfilled and driven as a collective company community.

On the other hand, there are many out there that are towing the line, and in it just for a paycheck. When passion or interest isn’t present, the days blend one into another. If this is you, make a decision here and now, to making your dreams come true and having a career and life that interests you.

2.  Setting Your Schedule

As your own boss, you are in the drivers seat and as a Paint Bull auto body repair owner, that’s even more so.

When first starting out it’s important to be flexible to the needs of your customer base. But you are also in the position to create a schedule that works best for you and your family.

If you need to be home to pick up the kids at 3 in the afternoon, schedule around that. Or if you need to take a few days to travel, you can schedule around that without having to worry about accrued days or docked wages.

As a Paint Bull affiliate, you are mobile which allows you to cultivate work 7 days a week for a few hours each day, or 4 days a week with clients booked back-to-back.
Whatever your preferred schedule, you have control to develop a schedule that fits your life and business goals.

3. Controlling Your Income

As a business owner, you are in control of how much money you make. When first starting out this may seem daunting. As you build your business and reputation, your hard work will pay off creating new doors for opportunity and growth.

There are no salary caps as a Paint Bull affiliate. Better yet, there is no ongoing franchise or licensing fees allowing you to keep the money you make.

4. Job Security

You hear it all the time, a layoff here and a shut down there. You hear about people investing years into a company only for the company to close, and the employees left without their promised retirement and compensation.

As your own boss, you don’t have to worry about getting fired.  Your job security is directly related to your hard work and business efforts. It is not related to poor company policy that you have no control over.

Handyman to Car Lover to DIYer

Whether you are a handyman, a construction worker or car lover, Paint Bull is the perfect opportunity for you to become your own boss.

We offer training and support that is unparalleled in the entrepreneur automotive fields. And you don’t have to be a mechanic. As part of our business model, we focus on mobile auto body interior and exterior repair work. Our extensive training program sets you up to take on any project with expertise and efficiency

At Paint Bull, we have developed a turnkey mobile business that will allow you to take the leap with confidence.  Contact us now today at 800.800.5725!

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