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TV-Radio-Newspaper, How about Behavior Based Targeted Digital Display Advertising? Advertising is all about getting your message in front of your ideal prospect in such a way that it causes the person to use your service or buy your product. Advertising is nothing new, I am sure it started when someone first realized they had something worthwhile to sell and then realized they needed to let other people know about it. What has changed is how companies advertise and once again, the Internet is taking advertising to new levels faster than ever before.

Most of us have noticed that advertisements will appear on our computers for the products or companies we have recently researched on-line. It’s called Retargeting and it’s really nothing new in the scope of the quickly developing digital world. Retargeting works because when you visit a web site, quite often a Cookie or digital impression is placed on your computer which basically says you have been there. When you leave the site and go to another site which happens to be part of a display network such as The Google Display Network, you are recognized as having previously been to the first site and amazingly an advertisement for it pops up. It’s also known as Cookie Based advertising and while most of us never knew it existed, it’s already being replaced by something new-Behavior Based Targeted Digital Display Advertising.

It’s a mouthful to say, and what it can do and how it’s changing advertising on the internet is truly amazing. The concept is based on mathematical algorithms to determine your interests and behaviors. These algorithms will predict your future behaviors based on your demographics such as your age, your address, your income, along with the previous web sites you have visited to then show you advertisements which might appeal to you. The concept is taking targeted advertising to a whole new level, even as most of us never even knew we were on the previous level. And how do the algorithms know all of this personal data you ask? Welcome to the Digital World! How do the algorithms know all of this personal data you ask?

What does this mean for your Automotive Paint Franchise?

Whether you agree with the tactics or not, marketing and networking are essential for success in business. This is especially true in the automotive repair business. With retargeting ads the customer who has found you, and visits sites that fit your business profile, are the most qualified. And in a world where business budget is key, you want your dollars to be targeted.

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