Are you ready for Mustard Yellow and Plum Purple?

Yes, you read that right; Mustard Yellow and Plum Purple are just two of the new “Flashy” colors you will soon see on the car driving next to you during your daily commute. If they catch your eye and you get a chance, take a look at the interior as a wide range of vivid, freely mixed interior and exterior color combinations are just on the horizon.

The term is called “personalization” and it’s all about letting the customer decide which color combinations fit their personalities. If you are thinking that a Black vehicle with a Grey Interior or a Brown car with a Tan interior looks nice, then you evidently are stuck in the past. The time has come to open your color palette and embrace the new 2015 color trends with a more modern style. Car manufactures such as Nissan, Toyota, General Motors, Renault and others are betting that in order to move their latest sub-compact and cross-over vehicles, they need to offer their customers’ options which will help them set their vehicles apart.

These new options include not only bright exterior and interior colors, but also allow the customer to pick a variety of color combinations and as many as three separate accent colors. Having separate colors for the instrument panel, seat trim and other panels are sure to be just the beginning. Interested in a new Opel with neon blue accent stripes on your tires, no problem that would look great in bright green with a convertible top!

Taking your Automotive Paint Franchise to the next Level

Either way, be ready and open to the ever-evolving trends in car exterior and interior personalization. One day, real soon, you two may be taking your paintless dent repair training to fix a mustard yellow car.

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