Don’t miss out on Lease Return Profits

Many mobile repair technicians spend all of their time working through the Used Car Sales Department concentrating their efforts on the used car inventory. Historically this has been and will continue to be a great place to generate business but, they don’t lease vehicles.

In many parts of the country, sales tax laws and other manufacture related incentives have made leasing a vehicle a very popular option. It can be a win-win for both the dealership and the customer. Every few years the customer gets to switch out their old vehicle for a new model with a monthly payment much less then if they were to purchase outright, and the dealer gets to see the customer again and again on a regular basis. What could possibly go wrong?

When the vehicle is returned at the end of the lease it must go through an inspection process to insure it doesn’t have any “excess” wear. If it does, the customer is liable for the cost of repair. Herein lies a problem the mobile repair technician can solve. The dealership certainly does not want to alienate a good customer by having them get charged excessively for a minor blemish, yet the leasing company is expecting the damage to be repaired or they will send a bill. This is why mobile repair technicians need to work with the New Car Sales Department, because they lease the vehicles.

A simple explanation of your services to the New Car Manager can provide a steady flow of damaged lease returned vehicles, while helping the dealer avoid an upset customer and an excess wear and tear charge. The process is quite simple. When a damaged lease vehicle is returned the dealership informs the customer that they are responsible for having it repaired, making sure to point out, it is the leasing company and not the dealership who is charging them. Customers understand they are responsible-they might not like it, but they do understand. What they are surely not to like is the high dollar amount the lease company will charge them. You help the dealership turn a negative into a positive by using your service. They simply tell the customer that if the scuffed bumper, key scratch, burn, rip or dent isn’t repaired the leasing company will charge them a for it, and charge them a lot, but they offer a service to fix it for half of that amount and will take care of all the details. Obviously the service they offer is you!

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